Author Photo Outtakes

When my publisher asked me to submit a photo of myself for the back flap of the book, I straightened my hair, put on my make-up and headed with the family to Basildon Park near Reading for a lovely, scenic background. Some of the pictures turned out ok, but when I sent one in, I was told it wasn’t high enough resolution. So we borrowed a nicer camera, but we didn’t have time that week for scenic background. I made my husband take my picture in the back yard, but he was in a hurry that day, and rushed me out there before I could finish my hair 🙁 So naturally I was quite grumpy, and in some of the pictures it really shows… I thought it would be fun to include some of the outtakes from my two attempts at getting my author photo.

IMG_0246  A ‘lovely, scenic’ background: The Loos

 IMG_0265  What are my kids doing?!

  IMG_0290 “Stop Blinking!”

IMG_2746 “I AM smiling, take the picture.”

IMG_2742 “Any better?”

IMG_2745 What most of the shots really looked like…

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