Family and Friends

I missed lots of things from America while we were in England for two years. Red Vines, Candy Corn, Swedish Fish, Marshmallows (really healthy stuff, obviously), but I missed my friends and family more than anything!

My daughter and I recently got to spend a wonderful ‘Girls’ Day’ with my sisters, sisters-in-law, and nieces.sisters

It’s been 13 years since we have lived by family…we’ve missed a lot of ‘Girls’ days.’  We’ve also missed hanging out with brothers, brothers-in-law and nephews, we’ll probably include them once in a while too. 😉

And of course I’ve missed friends! I’ve made so many wonderful friends in every place I’ve ever lived, these girls were the first:AllSix

Every time I have moved I have had to say goodbye to amazing friends that I still miss and love, I hope there are many more get-togethers to come with every friend I’ve made along the way, (you come visit me or I’ll come visit you…) plus all the relatives that I haven’t seen in forever!

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