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‘Sophia’ was reviewed by Sharon Haddock for the Deseret News. Here is the link to the article:

Not a review as much as a synopsis, although she does say it is a ‘predictable but sweet story.’ For a first novel, I’m pleased with that review 🙂  I haven’t read very many of the reviews or comments on Amazon or Goodreads, etc. because I’m always a little nervous. But others who’ve read them have reported back to me that they are mostly nice. Nice reviews, positive encouragement, and kind words are always welcome!

From The Uintah Basin Standard

“Sophia” a good read to start the New Year

My New Year’s resolution this year is to read more regency romances. Okay, not really. But reading “Sophia” by Paula Kremser was a good way to start out the year.

After receiving an unexpected inheritance, 18-year-old Sophia leaves her home in the country to have her first Season in London. Once there, she becomes overwhelmed with all of the invites, balls, rules and drama. Overcome with exhaustion, she accidentally falls asleep in a gentleman’s room at a ball and now she must marry him to save her reputation. But can she bring herself to marry such a grumpy man?

At 215 pages, “Sophia” is a fun, quick read. The story was light and engaging, you can’t help but feel for Sophia and root for Alex. And the ending is very feel-good. Kremser said that “this book is to entertain” and it certainly does.

Kremser said, “I love to read historical romance novels, but sometimes the stories didn’t go the way I wanted. I had so much fun thinking up a story of my own!”

Having recently returned from living in England, Kremser said she received some inspiration for “Sophia” when they toured old estates.

“I had a lot of fun,” she said, “but it was sad to me that many of (the estates) are owned by the National Trust and the ancient families who used to live there are gone.”

This led Kremser to want to use “real places” in “Sophia.”

“I picked Tissington because the Fitherbert family (I changed the name to Fitzgerald in the story) still lives there. In fact, Sir Henry and Lady Agnes (Anne in the story) were real people who lived at Tissington Hall at the time the story takes place. Also Alex’s estate, Boxwell Court, is real and the Huntley family have lived there for six hundred years!”

“Sophia” is a delightful and appropriate read for all ages and would be fun to read in a book club.

Kremser now lives in Sandy, Utah, with her family. “Sophia” was published in October and is her first novel. She says that she “may not always write regency, but it is my favorite era to read and I’ve found it’s so easy to write a ‘pure’ romance in the regency era because of the strict society rules.”

“My next book is a regency romance novel, too,” said Kremser. “I am probably one fifth of the way through it.”

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